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The Original Larry David Fans' Livejournal

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Larry David Fans
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We are the individuals who believe that Larry David is to be worshipped.

Larry David is the former director, writer, and co-creator of the NBC sitcom Seinfeld.

Currently working on the hit HBO comedy Curb Your Enthusiasm, Larry has quickly become one of television's most influential figures.

Amongst other adjectives, Larry David is sarcastic, witty, cynical, cruel, and brilliant. Chances are, so are we. Love us or hate us--it doesn't really matter.

If you have any questions/comments, feel free to email the moderator.

Have fun, darlings.

anger, arrogance, bald jokes, baldness, being disgruntled, being evil, being rich, bitching, bodily functions, brilliance, brutal honesty, cheryl david, cheryl hines, comedians, comedy, coming full circle, complaining, constant complaining, craig bierko, curb, curb your enthusiasm, cye, cynical, cynicists, cynicsm, dick ebersol, dishonesty, elaine, elaine benes, environmental issues, flip remarks, freedom of speech, fridays, fucking off, george costanza, getting caught, getting fucked over, half-empty, hbo, home box office, humor, humour, improv, improvisation, improvization, insults, irony, jason alexander, jeff garlin, jeff greene, jerry, jerry seinfeld, jokes, judaism, julia louis-dreyfus, keeping secrets, kosmo kramer, kramer, larry david, last comic standing, laughter, life, loudly quitting, lying, master of your domain, masturbation, masturbation contests, michael richards, negativity, new york, new york stories, newman, nothing, offending, on location, pessimism, pessimists, pissing off everyone, prius, producers, producing, quitting, radio days, ranting, revenge, richard lewis, robert b. weide, robert weide, rodney dangerfield, sarcasm, satire, saturday night live, second thoughts, seinfeld, sex, sheer brilliance, shows about nothing, sitcoms, snl, sour grapes, stand up comedy, stand-up, stand-up comedy, stealing doll heads, stealing forks, steven weber, susie essman, susie greene, swearing, taoism, television, television shows, telling others' secrets, the contest, the environment, the pants tent, the soup nazi, tv, tv shows, twisted humour, uncensored, unscripted, whining, wit, woody allen, writers, writing

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