splenetic (grave_digger) wrote in larrydavid,

CYE coming to syndication

I don't know why they're talking about it now, it's a long ways off, but TVLand is bringing it starting in 2013. I don't know how they plan on editing all of Susie's rants and everything else. I find it hard to believe TVLand would show it all as is, but that's a hell of a lot of stuff to bleep out.

I also have a feeling there's already another season in the works between Larry and HBO. even though nothing has been said, it just seems like the renewed popularity the Seinfeld angle has brought to the show is just begging for another season. the show seems to be more popular than ever this season. and if this was the end, with only 2 episodes left, we would already know by now. they're announcing it as "2 episodes left this season", as if there's going to be more.

any other thoughts?
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